Zombie Walk 2013

The Downtown Meadville Business Alliance is sponsoring a Zombie Walk! 

It will be held on Saturday, October 19th. The Walk will start at the South West entrance of the Downtown Mall, work it’s way through the Mall, meander through Meadville, up around the Diamond and finally ending up back at the Market House. 

There will be lots of events going on around town. Each participating business will have something unique to offer. Some may even be passing out candy!

The Zombie Walk is for the whole family. Kids get to help dress their Grandparents up as Zombies and ‘Shuffle’ around Meadville. 

-  The ARC Of Crawford County will be holding it annual Nightmare Under Chestnut.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nightmare-Under-Chestnut-Street/370916732929
-  There will be a Gothic Poetry reading in the Gardner Theater in the upper level of the Market House.
-  Live music at the Market House.
-  There will be Great Movies to choose from at Park Avenue Cinema.
-  October Evenings art show will be showing at the Heeschen Gallery in the upper level of the Market House.
-  They are cooking up something goolish at @ the bank.
-  And everyone's favorite, Squeeze The Clown will be face painting in different locations around town. First in the Downtown Mall then she is going to stroll over to the Market House for the End Of The Walk Festivities.
-  After the Walk, all the participating businesses are planning their own surprises. We will keep you updated as we find out what they have in mind. 
-  Rumor has it that the local bars might be getting in on the fun. Up for a little Zombie Crawl? We will let you know what they have in mind. It might involve Cans Of Food!

Being a Zombie is Not Free! Each Zombie must bring 3 cans of food to be dropped off at the South West entrance of the Mall. This isn’t a very big price to pay so don’t sneak into the Walk after the Mall. 

The First Annual Meadville Zombie Walk is a Food Drive after all!

Zombie Watch!

Want to join in the fun but don't want to dress up. That's great! Come and enjoy all the great things Meadville has to offer. Check out the wild costumes and don't forget to bring a few canned goods with you.

If you have any questions please email the DMBA at dmba16335@gmail.com

Why a Zombie Walk?

Welcome to the First Annual Zombie Walk!

Why a Zombie Walk? It's a Halloween theme that has spread around the globe. Zombie Walks are held in every major city from Toronto Canada to Cape Town South Africa.

As of November 2012, the Twin Cities Minneapolis–Saint Paul hold the current world record for zombie gathering, recognized by Guinness at a count of 8027 at Midway Stadium in Saint Paul on 13 October 2012. Estimates of the entire Twin Cities crawl put the zombie event upwards of 30,000 zombie participates, surpassing any other gathering of its kind, official or not.

Some zombie walks incorporate pub crawling, during which participants visit multiple bars over the course of the walk.
On 15 October 2005, the first large-scale zombie pub crawl was held in Minneapolis. The crawl consisted of roughly 150 participants in zombie costumes moving from bar to bar in the city's Northeast district. The Minneapolis "Zombie Pub Crawl" has since become an annual event and attendance has grown exponentially; each year it takes place in a different area of the city.
Charity work continues to be a common component of zombie walks across the planet. Community service organizations such as Zombie Squad have used zombie walks as demonstrations to raise funds and awareness for local and global issues, such as world hunger.
Both world record walks at Pittsburgh's Zombie Fest have included food drives. In 2008, The It's Alive Show initiated World Zombie Day. The It's Alive Show encouraged cities all over the globe to celebrate World Zombie Day by holding zombie walks to raise awareness of global hunger. The first World Zombie Day took place 26 October 2008, the same day as Pittsburgh's Zombie Fest, when more than 30 cities worldwide took part. Food drives for local hunger-related charities took place at each participating city's zombie walk. Pittsburgh's walk alone brought in more than one ton of food to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. The second World Zombie Day took place 11 October 2009, with even more participation from cities all over the world.
21 October 2012 saw over 12,000 participants march through the city of Brisbane. With a new music festival format added to the event, Brisbane Zombie Walk raised $55,000 for the Brain Foundation of Australia, making them the most successful zombie charity event in the world. In 2011, the Brisbane Zombie Walk made over $25,000 for the Brain Foundation.

The Downtown Meadville Business Alliance hopes to help our local food banks and with your help and support, we can. If you would like to give but don't want to dress up, that's ok too. Bring your canned goods to the Downtown Mall between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 19th.

Zombie Walk Food Drive

The Meadville Zombie Walk is a food drive that will support 3 local non-profits.

Chaps, http://www.chapsinc.org
The Center For Family Services, http://thecenter-nwpa.org
Women's Services, http://www.womensservicesinc.org

The price for participating in the Zombie Walk is 3 cans of food.
(The cans of food cannot be expired, dented or rusty!)
Show dignity and respect to organizations and people who will be receiving this food.)

We will have volunteers waiting at the South West entrance of the Mall to collect your donations.

(If you like, you can even give 6 cans.)

Rumor has it that some of the local watering holes are thinking about extending the event into a Zombie Crawl. Cans of food will get you discounts on your drinks. We will add that information as we get it.

Now all we need is a Zombie Prom. Any volunteers to take on that task?

Zombie Walk FAQ


So, what are we doing exactly?

The 2013 Meadville Zombie Walk is starting out at the south entrance of the Downtown Mall. The walk is about a .75  mile and meanders through downtown.

How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in the Zombie Walk is 3 Cans of food. Don't skimp people! These are families your feeding. Choose your canned goods with respect to those who will be receiving them.

Besides the great feeling you will get for helping people you will have a full afternoon and evening ahead of you! You get to listen to live music at the Academy Theatre, watch great movies at The Park Avenue Cinema, enjoy a recital of Gothic Literature in the Gardner Theater, Visit the Nightmare Under Chestnut In the dark and spookie basement of the ARC and Eat, Shop & Play in Downtown Meadville.

What’s the parking like?

You can park at the Downtown Mall. (All those little shops in the mall would be very happy if you patronized their stores!)

Is this a family event?

Absolutely. How cool is it that moms and dads can dress up with their kids! Dress up Grandma And Uncle Joe too.

Can we bring our dog?

Sorry everyone, please leave Fido at home.

What if it rains or worse, snows?

The Meadville Zombie Walk is an outdoor event, and is subject to the weather. But that is not going to stop us. If it's too nasty outside to do the walk then all you Zombies will just have to dodge the raindrops and come downtown anyway. The above mentioned venues are all indoors.

Zombie Walk Rules


- Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations. It is not cool to make children cry!

- Stay within the designated route. If you stray away, you are on your own. We will have police assisting with traffic. Remember, blocking traffic on your own is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.

-No drugs. None!

-No alcohol. After the walk you can visit any one of Downtown Meadvilles fine drinking establishments.

- The walk part is a family event; let’s watch the language out there. The more outrageous your costume, the more fun you will have, guaranteed! However, no nudity.

- The walk will start at 1:00pm. It is about a .75 mile loop around Downtown. How long it takes totally depends on how fast or slow you shuffle.

- No littering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. Respect our downtown! This is something we are doing every year and we don’t want to ruin it. Remember, the media will be watching us (along with the Meadville Police) and this event will get wide news coverage. Let’s put on a good show.

- Keep in mind you might be asked for a picture ID at bars and your zombie face might not match your picture ID.

- Please do not attempt to push your way into any business if you are not welcome.

The Zombie Walk, from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm is sponsored by the Downtown Meadville Business Alliance. All other events are a part of the businesses and organizations that are running them. These businesses have worked hard to have great events for you to enjoy. The DMBA is grateful for their participation in our event.